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Richard & Wendy Cavey

4762 Hall Road

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Our first Saint Bernard was purchased in 1995 from a farm in upstate NY. We named her Lady Penelope Jolene. She had several health problems, but lived 11 years with lots of love. We fell in love with the breed, and this is how we started our goal to produce a Saint Bernard with a good temperament, soundness and conformation to the Breed Standard. We are members of the Saint Bernard Club of America and the Saint Bernard Club of the Finger Lakes.


Lady Penelope Jolene

Standard St. Bernard Characteristics

Breed Group: Working Group

Height: Male: 27.5-30 inches tall, Females: 24.5-27 inches tall

Weight: Male: 150-200 lb., Female: 110-160 lb.

Color: White with red or red with white, brindle patches with white markings

Temperament: Saints are friendly, tolerant, and attention needing dogs.

Origins: Swiss rescue dog.


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